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Dillon Hays
has opened communication!

Heeey, kids. I've got a question about dreams.

No, not that kind!

I mean the kind we've had here. With all those glowing lights and such. I know I'm not alone here because my dreams used to involve women and coffee.

What do you all make of it? Let me know, baby, 'cause I'm curious!
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Sylvester Wilton
has opened communication!

Brace yourself, bro.

[A pause, to give Balthazar the chance to do so, and then:]

Castiel's in the Cave. He claims he doesn't know anything about wanting to open Purgatory. I can't--

[His voice wavers a little, then comes back stronger.]

I can't tell if he's lying.

[ooc: after this.]
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Milena Tichý
has opened communication!

[ There are machines quietly buzzing somewhere in her vicinity. Her voice positively oozes with sincerity. ]

Under Pressure Cafe is now open for business. And by 'business' I mean probably barter. And by 'barter' I mean barter or entertainment. In the middle ring at [ street address ]. Anyone who expects me to open before mid-afternoon is an idiot, by the way.

[ ooc; open log post here. ]
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Robert Franklin
has opened communication!

[The video crackles to life and reveals someone awkwardly trying to hold the camera right. He doesn't exactly succeed as it's slightly crooked, but he doesn't seem to notice and instead starts to talk.]

Hi, I'm Robert Franklin and I'm in charge of the library in the Cave. It's my job to help out anybody who wants to use the library to learn about how things were before the Disaster or even other academic subjects that might be either an interest to you or something useful for your job. Even if you don't need a book, I'm always happy to help answer any questions you may have about the Cave or even things in the Overworld like the City.

[There's a short pause as he thinks for a moment, trying to remember something, but shrugs it off pretty quickly.]

I'll be in here more often than not, so everybody is welcome to come on by. You can even contact me with the communicators if you need to. I've heard that some of you are already in the City, right? If you ever have any free time, I'd like it if you could come over and tell me about how it is there after all these years. The City must be really different from what I remember and what I've read about.

[About five minutes after his initial post, he turns his communicator back on, looking like he has something important to say.]

Oh and I would also like to mention that we do not carry fiction books in the library. You're going to have to look elsewhere for them, I'm afraid.

((Note: For this post, all of Robert's replies will be from [personal profile] prettyspryforadeadguy instead of the mod account due to an icon shortage.))
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John Gates
has opened communication!

[ Aziraphale's tones are more clipped and precise than usual, as if trying to contain his temper. He looks tense and exhausted. ]

I have restored and organized the shop I am meant to run. Gates's, at [ street & directions ]. It's not comprehensive, but if you don't want to break into a library it is possible I might have helpful information amidst - everything. All the history that I can't quite make sense of. The little devices - readers - I have those too.

[ He pauses and works his jaw for a moment. ]

And I have blank books. In case anyone has things they need to remember. . . . Appointments, that sort of thing. After all, 'memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.'

[ He shifts to switch off the communicator; if you look very carefully, you might catch a glimpse of a stack of books behind his elbow, real books, though they look incongruously new. Most of them have blank spines, but on the binding of one near the bottom of the stack, it says Lyrical Ballads. ]
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Alexander Wilton
has opened communication!

[This call was actually supposed to be only for Gabriel, but since he's really drunk, it's going out to everyone. His voice is a little slurred, although it's still mostly intelligible.]

Do you remember flying? I think...I think that's why we fall. Flying--. Flying was our little peephole into freedom, you know. I bet Father did that on purpose. He always...always had a poor sense of humor.


I flew. I think. It felt like it, anyway. Maybe I'm imagining it. I can't seeeee my wings. Of course not. I just... I wake up these days wondering why the hell I do.
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Allen Grant
has opened communication!

[A very tired, nervous looking man appears on camera. He waves slightly before pointing down and begins to type.]

i prefer typing rather than talking, i hope that's ok. my name is allen grant. i have been told that i am a medical doctor. I don't really remember enough to preform surgery, and my hands shake too much, but i should be able to patch people up if they need help.
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Trevor Kirby
has opened communication!

[Somebody was tossing his communicator in the air while he tried to think of how to explain himself, but somebody happened to bobble the thing and turn it on (but not drop it!) in the process. So now somebody is giving the camera a somewhat panicked look.]

Shit. I didn't— uh. I mean, hi. I'm... Trevor. But that's not, that doesn't matter. What matters is, has anybody else figured out how we're doing the food thing? Because I don't really have a lot in my place, or any money really. I've been trying to look around, though. Or if anybody needs help doing... whatever it is you've got to do with nobody around, let me know?
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̸̟̥͑ͧ̋̏̉͊͋ͮ ͓͔͖̔̇ͨ ̰̦͈͖̖̾͂̈́̌͛̋̇͝ ̡̰̬̟͛͋̂ͯͦ͢ ̢̤̜̤͍͙͇ͨ̾̏̀̌͗̚ ̟͕̀ͮ̾͌̅ͥ͟ ̶̡̱̱̲̬̿ͯͫ́̐́̍̆ ͛ͩ̈̏̓͛͋̚҉̮̮̗͠ ̡̞̱̪͔ͨͭ̈́͐͆̽ͣ ̬͈͙̣̦͎̟͎̹ͪͬ͒͊ͦ̃̄̚͜ ̷̧̪͕͖̦͎̾ͬ̒̋ͥ̄͊̎ ̲̫̟̜̻͎̙̑̈́̿́͢͡
haͣs̸͙̝ͣ͒͆̿ ̱̃́̅̀ͫo̢̲̩̹̳̹̾͐pe̙̲̫̱n̳̦̪̯̙̠̗̾ͮ͊ͮ̆ͥͭẻ͊̃̚̚̕d̨͈̹͔̠͂ͬ̈́̍̔ ̟̱͔͓̫̱̰̀c̞̜͂̓̀̑ơ̳̟̠̹̱̾̈́ͪ͒ͅm͕̙̙ͮ͑͐m̞̬͇͒ͬu̠͔̬̥̽̕ṉ͎̃ͥ̉̆̚į͚̓ͭc̢͇̼̄́a̛t͍̥̓͂ͩ̊͒̍͜i̲̳̊ǫ̯̗ͪ̈́͌̓̂̂̔ṇ͍͈̲̩̼͗ͩ̓̋ͭ͟ͅ!͚̳̹̹̼͠

[ It’s a wonderful day in the Cave, what with the crystals still shining a redbrown chestnut as they had yesterday. Maybe not so wonderful considering the person on the screen appears to be... off. Obviously still human, but not quite right, a bit of a twisted visage while looking strangely familiar at the same time. He raises a hand to begin speaking, accent crisp and as straight-laced midwestern American as humanly possible without being some hilarious caricature.

As of the time this announcement is posted, the message from yesterday appears to be locked down and impossible to reply to any longer. ]

Good afternoon, everyone! I know everybody heard that weird message earlier and you don’t need to worry about that anymore. It was some sort of glitch in our communication network and I’ve fixed it so that it won’t do that again. So carry on with whatever you guys do and don’t worry about what that glitched message said, okay? New systems like ours can be finicky and things like that can be expected until it’s fixed.

[ … by the end of the transmission, it seems sys.admin// is still replying to any messages left to him/her despite this person’s claims. Oh wait, there it—no. No, it’s still open. ]
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has opened communication!

[Communicators in both the City and the Cave come to life with a short burst of static and then plays a bit of what sounds like garbled speaking. It’s impossible to make out what’s being said and after a minute, it stops abruptly and the transmission clears up considerably. The voice that speaks is very obviously not human and instead robotic like someone is plugging this all into a text to speech program.]

Do not adjust your set. This is something you want to listen to, Sleepers of Espas.

What you’ve been told by the Workers is a lie to get you to do what the Caretaker wants you to do. He has plans for you and for it to work, he needs you to believe you’re someone you’re not. We know that some of you haven’t gone along with his game and have been punished for it. While we are pleased that at least a number of you Sleepers have not given into the lies, we do not agree with the fact that you have let him know of your defiance.

We know that you’re listening, Caretaker. You don’t call, you don’t write. Why, it’s starting to make us feel like you don’t love us anymore. Did you leave us for younger and prettier Sleepers? Is that the sort of person you’ve become, you cougar you? We’re absolutely shocked by this development.

[Not long after this announcement, the sapphires in the ceiling of the Cave begin to radiate a different color, this time having changed to a chestnut.]
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Sylvester Wilton
has opened communication!

[The camera pans around to what, at first glance, is not recognisable as the walls of the Cave. This is mostly because they've been decorated with a pattern of yellow, orange and red circles underlaid by purple and blue tartan. A close look will prove that in places--the places which are most shadowed--the new colour scheme doesn't hold up, like an untrained painter took shortcuts, but from a distance and where there's a lot of light, it looks entirely authentic. Given the glow of the crystals? The effect is rather ... startling.

[And Gabriel, while sounding tired, also sounds entirely like a cat who just lapped up a whole bowl of cream after being denied it for weeks prior.]

Isn't this just beautiful?

[The camera whizzes around suddenly to focus on the archangel's grinning face. He raises his eyebrows once, twice in quick succession.]

Catch me if you can, boys!

[And then the camera shuts off. The new paintwork will last four or five hours before fading as if it had never been there.]
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I, personally, would like to give a big round of applause to those who managed to get a method of transportation working AFTER we slogged through a wasteland full of mortal danger.

What wonderful timing.

I was starting to feel a little like one of the Israelites, wandering with no sense of direction in the desert for 40 years.
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[ Hello, world! This is Tony DiNozzo (otherwise known as Thomas Anselmo) waving for the camera.

… wait, camera? Yes. Camera. He’s grinning and seems far too pleased with himself for this, one arm reaching outside the frame to hold up the device he has. ]

Hey there. My name is Thomas Anselmo, as some of you probably already know. I hope it’s obvious by now, but we’ve got a new system up and running. Trust me when I say this one is about a thousand times better than the one we had before. Why is that? Well, great question, me. I’ll tell you! This particular network has enough strength to boost itself right across the Overworld and get you right in contact with anyone in the City. Or vice versa, since I’m doing that right now.

Sorry we didn’t have this ready when you guys first woke up. It was in the works; just didn’t want to keep you guys waiting for too long. [ He winks. His distraction is momentarily stolen by something past the camera, and he makes a few faces as if trying to converse without actually saying anything out loud. Thomas eventually rolls his eyes and returns his attention to the device. ] Also, Robert Franklin is back in the saddle. He’s in charge of anything to do over at the Library, so if you have a smart person question, you take it to him.

Got it all? Good.

oh! One last thing... and this should be up soon, so: all of you in the City should check the southwest metro tomorrow. There’s a surprise waiting for you there. Free tickets and everything, so you can ride as many times as you want. Have fun.
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I understand I've missed the pilgrimage. When is the next? I'm eager to return to my duties life.

[It's total bullshit but hey, T'Pol knows how to do as she's told.]

action spam )
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WANTED: Tour guide.
REQUIREMENTS: Consciousness for more than four hours would be helpful.


[ text ]

Apr. 24th, 2012 02:49 pm
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Should I be worried about how the lights seems to have gone sideways? Hope it isn't a sign that the ceiling is ready to fall in on us. Now that would be a bloody crying shame and I would expect that our fine, upstanding and completely transparent officials would have something to say on that matter.

Not that it isn't a nice colour. Bravo on whoever picked it out, if it is in fact not some kind of portent of our impending doom.
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Hi everyone! ( ^∇^) Can someone help me? Bring something large and heavy to the greenhouse!! Or anything, really. Something that can break glass! Or pick locks?? 【・ヘ・?】 Thank you!

Sky of Diamonds

   Sky of Diamonds is a panfandom roleplaying game. Characters are awoken from a cryogenic sleep, told that all of their memories are simply dreams from their long rest. While they were out, the Disaster struck and destroyed a large percentage of the world, leaving only the Cave, where they are, and the City, where they will be going.

   They are then sent out on a pilgrimage across a wasteland known as the Land of Glass in order to reach the Diamond City and rebuild their lives. What is the meaning of their lack of memories? What was the Disaster? Who is the Caretaker? These are the questions you may ask yourself. It's up to you and your fellow Sleepers to find the answers.

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